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Stephanie A. Casey

Students explore six tasks to develop criteria for finding an informal line of best fit.

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Stephanie A. Casey and Jonathan D. Bostic

Implementing the practice of looking for and making use of structure differs when addressing statistics content standards compared with mathematics content standards. Read about suggestions for tuning out noise in data to teach SMP 7 in statistics.

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Kimberly A. Markworth and Lara M. Willox

A mathematical analysis of the electoral college is coupled with activity sheets.

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Chris Bolognese

The treasure hunt takes my classroom to the world and features a variety of approaches, conjecture building, and the use of dynamic geometry software. The problem has been written about extensively (Gamow 1947; Nahin 2016; Shilgalis 1998; Shriki 2011). Here is the problem as I have adapted it for my students.

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Arla Westenskow and Patricia S. Moyer-Packenham

A family dog supplies the measurements for scatter plots and variables so that students can explore relationships among data sets—not to mention paws and tails.

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Leigh Haltiwanger, Robert M. Horton, and Brooke Lance

Making mathematics meaningful is a challenge that all math teachers endeavor to meet. As math teachers, we spend countless hours crafting problems that will energize students and help them connect mathematical topics to their everyday lives. Being successful in our efforts requires that we allow students to explore ideas before we provide explanations and demands that we ask questions to promote a depth of thinking and reasoning that would not occur without such probing (Marshall and Horton 2009).

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Lanee Young

This activity engages students in a probability lesson that highlights the Pass the Pigs® game.

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Matt B. Roscoe

Top-selling cars in America can be the catalyst that drives an analysis of data.

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Math for Real: Canine Care

“when will I ever use this?”

Edited by Erik Tillema

Ages and weights of various dogs provide the real-life tie in to this activity on linear relationships.

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Arnulfo Pérez, Bailey Braaten, and Robert MacConnell

A hands-on, project-based modeling unit illustrates how real-world inquiry deepens student engagement with function concepts.