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Vivian Lim, Laurie Rubel, Lauren Shookhoff, Mathew Sullivan, and Sarah Williams

Take a chance on introducing the mathematics of the lottery. It will further an understanding of not only probability, combinatorics, large and small numbers, and data analyses but also social justice.

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Christa Jackson, Cynthia Taylor, and Kelley Buchheister

Incorporating math games into the classroom will help your students become motivated problem solvers.

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Nicole R. Rigelman

Take a page from the humanities and have your students investigate mathematics in writing.

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Ann Wheeler and Joe Champion

Peg students' knowledge about probability by using a common manipulative to connect number sense, geometry, and algebraic thinking.

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Lanee Young

This activity engages students in a probability lesson that highlights the Pass the Pigs® game.

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Ben C. Sloop and S. Megan Che

This investigation builds on students' understandings of fairness as they explore chance using a set of nontraditional dice with special properties.

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J. Jeremy Winters and Dovie L. Kimmins

Ann stated, “If you roll two dice (number cubes) and the numbers are 1 and 2, saying that 1 and 2 and 2 and 1 are different things, that is not true. It is like saying 8 + 9 and 9 + 8 have different outcomes.”

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Anne Quinn

While looking for an inexpensive Web application to illustrate the Central Limit theorem, I found the Rossman/Chance Applet Collection, a group of free Web-based statistics apps. In addition to illustrating the Central Limit theorem, the apps could be used to cover many classic statistics concepts, including confidence intervals, regression, and a virtual version of the popular Reese's® Pieces problem. The apps allow users to investigate concepts using either preprogrammed or original data.

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Erin E. Krupa, Mika Munakata, and Karmen Yu

Can you remember your typical elementary school field day? In this article, we provide details on hosting a mathematics field day, focused on embedding rich mathematics into authentic fun-filled field day experiences.