Meet the September MTLT Authors

September 14, 2021

Author and classroom teacher Zachary Champagne introduces his article “Walking Away from a Mathematics Problem is OK” and his idea that allowing students “the power to use their voice and have autonomy” leads to students learning for themselves in a way that suits them. By letting students take a break or walk away from a problem, teachers can avoid productive struggle turning into unproductive struggle.

Kathyrn Brave, Mary McMullen, and Cecile Martin, authors of this month’s grades 35 Focus article, realized that although they were promoting precise language in their in-person classrooms, they were overlooking the concept in virtual settings. In their article “Promoting Precision in a Virtual Setting,” the authors show the difference that one month makes when the focus is on precise language in online mathematics. Listen to Kathryn Brave discuss her experience and more about the article.