Meet the June MTLT Authors

May 28, 2021

June MTLT introduces readers to new ways of teaching, collecting, and analyzing data. The Front-and-Center article, “GAISE II: Bringing Data into Classrooms,” by Anna Bargagliotti, Pip Arnold, and Chris Franklin, presents the idea that data is no longer quantifiable in simple terms but is instead “unconventional.” 

In June’s Feature article for grades 6–8, classroom teacher Jennifer Marshall encourages her students to make estimations and grow their mathematics intuition and number sense in her article “Partial Pies.” 

Authors Elizabeth Suazo-Flores and Lisa Roetker have written “Pack a Truck: Decontextualizing and Contextualizing a Task” as a means of encouraging teachers and students to connect mathematical tasks to the real world. By promoting the use of in-class and out-of-class math knowledge, Suazo-Flores and Roetker believe that teachers will benefit from instructing students in thinking practically and abstractly on these tasks.