Meet the August MTLT Authors

August 2, 2021

August’s Front-and-Center authors Melissa Gallagher, Laura Ellis, and Travis Weiland focus on how teachers and math educators can help students better comprehend word problems through literacy skills. The authors provide examples of what this looks like in the classroom through a “choose-your-own-adventure format” covering all grade bands.  

Jonathan D. Bostic and Tiara Hicks, authors of this month’s grades 3–5 Feature article “Formative Assessment through Whole-Class Think Alouds,” share their strategies for efficient problem solving in the classroom setting. Listen to Bostic and Hicks discuss their article and how, by encouraging think alouds, teachers will be able to assess student learning and problem solving without removing students from the classroom setting. 

Joshua Jones shares his experience as both a freelance data scientist and a classroom teacher in his article “Integrating Probabilistic Machine Learning in Secondary Mathematic.” In August’s grades 9–12 Focus article, Jones seeks to “connect students’ understanding of mathematics outside of the classroom in an authentic manner” by analyzing the math behind smartphone text-prediction technology.