April MTLT Articles Featured in Marshall Memo

May 10, 2021


Contact: Mary Donovan, 703.620.9840, mdonovan@nctm.org

RESTON —May 10, 2021 —Two articles from Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT) were recently featured in issue 884 of the Marshall Memo, a highly influential publication that curates content from various education journals. 

In their 3–5 Feature article on discourse and the number line, authors Susan Ahrendt, Debra Monson, and Kathleen Cramer present the Five Practices as a means of orchestrating productive discussions and supporting student learning. NCTM President-Elect Kevin Dykema shares that “their process can be applied to many other mathematical concepts” and that “students need to be engaged in thinking deeply about problems and discussing them with their classmates in order to fully develop their understanding of the content.” Read more in their article “Promoting Discourse: Fractions on Number Lines.”

Stefanie Livers and Victoria Miller Bennett’s PK–5 Focus article, “Planning Pitfalls: Considerations for Decision-Making” brings attention to the dual nature of internet availability for lessons and activities. Although choices are endless, Livers and Miller focus on lessons that provide quality substance and valuable mathematics experiences. They provide an interactive Mathematics Lesson Planning Protocol to help process lesson search results. Video discussions and the protocol are available in their article. 

An editorial team at the Marshall Memo curates 60 carefully chosen publications for articles that have the greatest potential to improve teaching, leadership, and learning. Each week, the team selects 5–10 practical, helpful articles for the memo. The articles are summarized for their key takeaways so that busy teachers and educators can understand the point of the articles in 20 minutes. 

NCTM encourages those interested in contributing to MTLT to review the MTLT Author Toolkit.


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