Authors Reflect and Share in May MTLT

May 3, 2021

Lucy Watson, Christopher Bonnesen, and Jeremy Strayer open the May MTLT issue with their article “The Nature of Mathematics: Let’s Talk about It.” Their Front-and-Center article attempts to define what the nature of mathematics really is and how it applies to education and math standards. The authors provide a shared language for teachers and students to use to discuss mathematics in a productive way. 

In May’s grade 3–5 Feature article, author Tracy Manousaridis encourages teachers to empower their students in thinking like mathematicians. In doing so, students themselves will ask more questions, dig deeper, and seek answers. Inspired by third graders and their learning, Manousaridis shares that learning can be fun, exciting, and accessible to all students. 

David Ebert shares his personal journey in May’s Teaching Is a Journey department and how experiences in his early teaching career influenced the kind of teacher he is now. 

In his article, “Professional Groups Shaped My Journey,” Ebert shares how an invitation and affirmation from others encouraged him to continue on his path. He encourages readers to consider their own experiences and to think about reaching out to early-career teachers to validate and bring them up.