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Karen Hollebrands

In this editorial, I look forward to some new initiatives the incoming editorial team members have proposed and look back on what we were able to accomplish during the past 4 years related to our goals focused on communication, interaction, connection, and equity.

In May 2018, I began my term as Editor Designate alongside my Associate Editor, Valerie Faulkner. With strong support from two organizations and effective leadership from prior editors, editorial chairs, and panel members, the Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE) journal had created its own unique identity and successfully published seven volumes. The prior editorial

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Jody Guarino, Shelbi Cole, and Michelle Sperling

In a humanized approach to assessment, the design of the instrument itself is only a small part of the overall process.

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Megan Holmstrom and Zachary Sweet

Problems to Ponder provides 28 varying, classroom-ready mathematics problems that collectively span PK–12, arranged in the order of the grade level. Answers to the problems are available online. Individuals are encouraged to submit a problem or a collection of problems directly to If published, the authors of problems will be acknowledged.

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Hanan Alyami

During a Desmos activity, students adjust the measures of angles in radians to reposition a laser and a mirror so the beam passes through three stationary targets. The Radian Lasers activity can be extended to simulate project-based learning.

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Angela T. Barlow

When you hear, “The reviews are in!” what comes to mind? You may be thinking about a group of actors who have just finished performing the opening night of a Broadway play, when someone rushes in carrying newspapers and shouting enthusiastically, “The reviews are in!” As editor-in-chief of MTLT, though, this phrase has a different meaning for me. It signals that the reviews for a manuscript are in and it is time to make a publication decision. Obviously, manuscript reviews inform publication decisions. But did you know that the quality of the reviews affects the quality of

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Eric Cordero-Siy and Hala Ghousseini

Three deliberate teaching practices can help students strengthen multiple connections to a unifying concept.

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Kaycie Maddox

This department provides a space for current and past PK–12 teachers of mathematics to connect with other teachers of mathematics through their stories that lend personal and professional support.

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Surani Joshua, James Drimalla, Dru Horne, Heather Lavender, Alexandra Yon, Cameron Byerley, Hyunkyoung Yoon, and Kevin Moore

The Relative Risk Tool web app allows students to compare risks relating to COVID-19 with other more familiar risks, to make multiplicative comparisons, and to interpret them.