MTLT Articles Featured in the Marshall Memo

July 22, 2020


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RESTON —July 22, 2020—Three articles from Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 (MTLT) were recently highlighted in the popular Marshall Memo, a highly influential publication that curates content from various education journals. Two articles were featured in issue 844: “Evaluating Videos for Flipped Instruction,” by Samuel Otten, Wenmin Zhao, Zandra de Araujo, and Milan Sherman; and “Then: The Timing of Algebra 1,” by Zalman Usiskin. Both of these articles, published in MTLT volume 113, issue 6, exemplify the content that MTLT offers to its readers. “From Rules That Expire to Language That Inspires,” the front and center article from MTLT volume 113, issue 7, was included in Marshall Memo 846.


An editorial team curates 60 carefully chosen publications for articles that have the greatest potential to improve teaching, leadership, and learning; and each week 5–10 practical, helpful articles are selected for the memo. The articles are summarized for their key takeaways so that busy teachers and educators can understand the point of the articles in 20 minutes.  


“Having three articles included in the Marshall Memo is a significant achievement,” says Angela T. Barlow, Editor-in-Chief of MTLT, “and we are thrilled that our authors and the journal have been recognized in this manner. This recognition signals the value of the journal’s content for readers.”


Authors, and particularly classroom teacher authors, are strongly encouraged to submit to MTLT. Submission and other information about the journal can be found at 



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