With this professional development program, teachers work with colleagues and experience a manner of teaching that embeds habits of mind.

Contributor Notes

Miriam Gates, mgates@edc.org, is a research associate at Education Development Center (EDC) in Waltham, Massachusetts, and a high school mathematics teacher at Brimmer and May School in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. She has research interests in secondary mathematics teacher education and understanding the relationships between professional development and classroom practice.

Tracy Cordner, tcordner@edc.org, specializes in online learning and community building and is an instructional design associate at EDC. Her passion is in finding multiple entryways into the rich world of mathematics.

Bowen Kerins, bkerins@edc.org, is a senior scientist at EDC and former high school mathematics teacher. He has been a PCMI instructor since 2001 and was the lead author of three books recently published by the American Mathematical Society. For more than two decades

Al Cuoco, acuoco@edc.org, taught high school mathematics to a wide range of students. He holds a PhD in mathematics with publications in algebraic number theory. Recent work has focused on the development of mathematical habits of mind in teachers and students.

Eden Badertscher, ebadertscher@edc.org, is a senior project director at EDC. She has research interests in inequity perpetuated by the system of math education, transforming teachers' and students' relationships with mathematics as well as identities of math learners.

Gail Burrill, burrill@msu.edu, is a mathematics specialist in the Program in Mathematics Education at Michigan State University and was a secondary mathematics teacher and department chair for more than twenty-eight years. Her research interests are statistics education, the use of technology in teaching secondary mathematics, and issues related to what it means to teach mathematics.

(Corresponding author is Gates mgates@edc.org)
(Corresponding author is Cordner tcordner@edc.org)
(Corresponding author is Kerins bkerins@edc.org)
(Corresponding author is Cuoco acuoco@edc.org)
(Corresponding author is Badertscher ebadertscher@edc.org)
(Corresponding author is Burrill burrill@msu.edu)
The Mathematics Teacher
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